5th Central European Conference in Linguistics

for Postgraduate Students

Welcome to the official website of the Fifth Central European Conference in Linguistics for Postgraduate Students (CECIL’S 5).

This year is to be organized by the Department of English and American Studies of Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. CECIL’S 5 will take place on September 4–5, 2015 at the Olomouc Faculty of Arts.


We cordially invite all Ph.D. students of linguistics and related fields to come  to:

- listen to interesting and stimulating talks
- meet colleagues from other universities

- present their research to an expert and  friendly audience (under the condition of submitting an abstract to the organizers by May 25)

- use the opportunity to publish the presented research in the conference proceedings e-book

There will be no conference fee and organizers will pay 3 nights accomodation in a student hostel (2-bed rooms) for the presenters.

Information for presenters


Abstract resubmission


Please resend your accepted abstract for distribution in the book of abstracts for the conference. You may revise it slightly in accord with the reviewers' suggestions, but with no other major changes. Ideally, the abstract should be one page long, plus an extra page for references and data (examples, figures and tables), with one-inch margins on all sides. It should be typed in Times New Roman, sized no smaller than 12 points. The abstract may no longer be anonymous. Its heading must contain the paper title, author name(s), affiliation(s), and contact information.

It is to be sent to the conference email (cecils@upol.cz) in both PDF format and an editable text format (preferably one of the following: DOCX, DOC, RTF or ODT).

Deadline: August 31st, 2015.



Oral presentations


Each paper in an oral session will be allotted 20 minutes, including 5 minutes for discussion, i.e. the talk should last not more than 15 minutes.


Available technology: We will provide a PC with Microsoft Office, Open Office, and Adobe Reader connected to a dataprojector and speakers. We strongly advise you to bring your presentation on a USB flash drive or CD/DVD because we cannot guarantee your laptop will be compatible with our on-site equipment (especially applies to Mac users). Presenters will have 10 minutes before the beginning of every oral session to check their presentations on the equipment. A technical assistant will be present to help.


Handouts: The organizers believe that the audience at a scientific conference deserves (apart from hearing and watching the presentation) some kind of printed material (handout), containing main arguments, examples, the proposed hypothesis and bibliography. The presenters are therefore asked to bring their handouts with them, about 25-30 copies: 1-3 sheets of paper, printed on one or both sides  (about 12 point font - because there may be visually handicapped people present). If more handouts are needed (we cannot predict the audience size in a given section), there will be copy machines available and willing student helpers.


Poster presentations


Posting: Posting: Authors of posters are required to be present during their poster session to discuss their posters with interested conference goers. We recommend to poster presenters to prepare reduced-size copies of their posters (e.g. A4 sheets) to be handed out.


Format: The poster boards are in the portrait orientation, their size is ISO A0 format (841 mm width, 1189 mm height). The main text should be in a large enough font (e.g. 32 pts). The text should be brief and presented in bullet-point or numbered lists as much as possible. Avoid long paragraphs.



Practical information

Venue and accommodation

The Conference will be held at the Faculty of Arts of Palacký University at the historical centre of Olomouc. Accommodation for active participants will be provided in the form of shared rooms at Palacký Univeristy dormitories.


For those who are not going to present a paper, we have a few recommendations for accommodation facilities near the venue:


Penzion Na Hradbách

Address: Hrnčířská 3, Olomouc 772 00

Tel.: +420 585 233 243

E-mail: rezervace@nhpension.eu

700 – 1500 CZK for a single room per night


Pension Křivá

Address: Křivá 8, Olomouc, 772 00

Tel.: +420 585 209 204

E-mail: info@pension-kriva.cz

1550–2000 CZK for a single room per night


Hotel Marie

Address: Tř. Svobody 41, Olomouc 772 00

Tel.: +420 585 220 220

E-mail: recepce@ubytovnamarie.cz

270–500 CZK for a single/double room per night



Traveling to the conference

From Prague to Olomouc: The easiest way to get from Václav Havel Airport Prague to the main train station (Praha, hlavní nádraží, sometimes abbreviated to Praha, hl. n.) is to take the Airport Express (AE) bus. It stops right in front of the arrival hall (a bit to the right, the last bus stop) and takes you directly to the main train station which is the terminus. You buy the ticket from the driver for Kč 60 (about EURO 2.5, but the driver does not accept foreign currencies, so you have to exchange money at the airport, try to have a 200 crown note or less). The ticket machines at the stop do not sell this ticket.

There are also coaches going directly from the Prague airport to Olomouc. More info at the Student Agency website, or call: +420 542 424 242 or +420 800 100 300.

From Vienna to Olomouc: We recommend to take the Student Agency coach which goes directly to Olomouc (3 times daily). See the company website, or call: +420 542 424 242 or +420 800 100 300.

Coming by train: Olomouc is easily accessible by express trains from Prague, Vienna, or Warsaw.

Coming by car or coach: All major roads are open. Online map of trafic in Central Europe.

General information: Olomouc is easily reached by express trains (2.5 hours from Prague, 3.5 hours form Vienna, 3 hours from Katowice).

The closest airports are in Ostrava (2 hours by bus and train), Brno (2 hours), Prague (3.5 hours), Bratislava (4 hours), Katowice (4 hours) and Vienna (4.5 hours).


Getting around

A quality tourist map of Olomouc, complete with landmarks, interesting facts and an overview of recommended services for young travelers is available for free on the website of the local USE-IT organization. Version for printing can be downloaded here (.pdf).


If you have any questions regarding the organization, do not hesitate to contact us.


Getting to the dorms

Address of the dorms: Šmeralova 10, Olomouc http://www.skm.upol.cz/en/dormitories/dormitory-j-l-fischera/

There are some traffic closures in Olomouc, so to get from the train station to the dorms, take tram X4 from Hlavní nádraží stop and get off at the Envelopa stop. From there it is a 10 minute walk to the dorms. Or you can go from the Kosmonautů tram stop located really close to the train station (http://www.mapy.cz/zakladni?x=17.2732530&y=49.5926593&z=17&source=pubt&id=15209725) and get off at the Žižkovo náměstí stop. From Žižkovo náměstí it is a 5-minute walk to the dorms.


Getting to the conference venue

Address of the conference venue: Třída Svobody 26, Olomouc

If you are going from the train station, take a tram X4 in the direction to Nová ulice, from Hlavní nádraží stop to Tržnice stop. If you are going from the dorms take a tram X1/2 in the direction to Nová ulice, get on Žižkovo náměstí stop and get off at the stop Tržnice. The conference venue is a big yellow building you will see from the tram stop.

In case of any acccomodation problems, call Anna Kozánková: (+420) 604 570 546

Map of the Olomouc city centre with relevant places. (.pdf)

Important dates:


Abstract submission deadline extended to May 25, 2015

End of June, 2015: Notification of acceptance to authors

September 4-5, 2015: Cecil´s 5 Conference



Venue address:

Palacký University Faculty of Arts

Třída Svobody 26

771 80 Olomouc, Czech Republic


Conference coordinator (questions, registrations):
Petra Charvátová (cecils@upol.cz)




The registration form for the conference participation (accepted preseners as well as audience) is available here (via Google Forms).

Registration deadline: August 10th, 2015







The conference program is available here (.pdf). Subject to alternations.


Invited speakers

Klaus Abels (University College London, United Kingdom): Sluicing, identity, and the poverty of the stimulus

Abstract: There are two trivial theories of ellipsis: (i) ellipsis operates on semantic identity regardless of structure OR (ii) ellipsis operates on syntactic identity with the antecedent. Both of these theories can be demonstrated to be wrong - but only with very arcane data that children will not have access to in sufficient amounts to have an impact on acquisition. The more complicated theory that is required raises a very serious learnability problem, because the more complicated theory must be acquired in the absence of evidence. Therefore, the more complicated theory of ellipsis (assuming it is cross-linguistically stable) must be the LAD's default, which surely tells us something about the language faculty.


Pavel Caha (Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic) Locatives in Shona and Luganda: some lessons for the categorization of  expressions

Abstract: At a general level, the talk is concerned by the categorization of expressions. I approach the question with a relatively new tool in hand: phrasal spell-out. The basic idea is this: if phrasal spell-out exists, a single lexical item may correspond to several terminals, where each terminal has a distinct label. As a consequence, the approach predicts the existence of expressions whose behavior corresponds to a mixture of prototypical categorial properties. The paper applies this relatively new analytical option to notoriously difficult locative markers in Shona and Luganda, traditionally argued to exhibit a mixture of nominal and prepositional properties.


Workshop: Experimental Methods in Linguistics

– presenter: Jakub Dotlačil (University of Groningen)

Workshop abstract: Experimental research on reading (self-paced reading methodology): I will start the workshop by discussing reasons why I believe experimental research should be interesting and exciting for linguists. We will then focus on one particular method within experimental linguistics: self-paced reading. This is a research method developed to study temporal properties of reading by measuring time readers spend on reading individual words or sentence chunks (e.g., phrases). In the workshop we will:

a) talk about the relevance of this experimental method for linguistics

b) discuss a way to set up an experiment

c) go through one or more examples of actual experiments, data analysis and interpretation


Hotel Ibis

Address: Wolkerova 29, Olomouc, 772 00

Tel: .: +420 585 722 110

Email:  H8248@ACCOR.COM

1500 CZK for a single/double room per night


Hotel V Ráji

Address: Hanáckého pluku 10, Olomouc, 779 00

Tel.: +420 585 223 500

E-mail: hotel.vraji@seznam.cz

1500–2100 CZK for a single room per night

September 4–5, 2015

Palacký University, Olomouc,

Czech Republic